Gibson Tyler Godfrey

This sweet baby finally made his appearance Sunday November 21st at 9:44am.
He was 7 pounds 14 oz. He measured 21.25 inches.
We feel so blessed to have this new addition to our family! It's amazing the love you feel for this little spirit that's only been here such a short time!

Getting in the carseat to leave the hospital. I picked this outfit out about six months ago. When it was getting closer to the due date I thought it might be too hot for him. But it snowed like crazy while we were at the hospital so it turned out to be perfect!
He has a great scowl...


Where IS he?

Yesterday morning my phone beeped to let me know I had something on my calander. I looked and it said "BABY!". Nope, no baby yet. Baby's due date was yesterday. I thought for sure he would be here early! I guess because a lot of people I know, had their babies early. But this little guy is taking his sweet time. I was stressed about the whole thing, but the doc says he is healthy, and I am doing just fine. So I will be grateful for both and I won't complain.
Tyler has been so great. Especially these last couple of weeks when I have been a basket case. He has been my rock and I am so grateful for him and all he does to keep me strong and calm.
Hopefully we will have baby here soon...!